November 19, 2011

Perfect Party Punch

I apologize for the fact that, after reading this, you will find it necessary to go to Target and spend $14 on a punch jar. But it will be worth the investment! I promise! It just looks so awesome in that big jar.

This punch has been made 4 times in the past week. First for a bridal shower, then one of the girls made it again for another shower, and then another friend made it two days later for a party, and it was made again for another bridal shower today. Tried and true. It's like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Punch.

1 can pina colada frozen concentrate, thawed
1 can orange pineapple concentrate, thawed
4 cans water
2 2-liters Sprite (2 bottles)
1 bag frozen raspberries
1/2 bag pebble ice (you can buy this at Sonic for a little over $1, and you need to!)

Dump juice concentrates in the bottom of the jar, add the 4 cans of water, and mix. Pour in 2 bottles of Sprite and mix. Pour ice in slowly. Top with bag of frozen raspberries. Mix gently.

*You can use diet Sprite for a less-sweet taste. It's still really good.

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