April 3, 2010

April Fool's Chicken Pot Pies

By request, here are the pot pies for April Fool's Day!

I made these hilariously believable Chicken Pot Pies for my family for dinner tonight. It was a tiny bit more time consuming than I thought it would be with the "vegetable assembly" :-)
But how believable is this?!?! Next year, if anyone wants to try this out - I'll put the instructions here for your use. And, yes, everyone that was served this (my family, and my sister in law's family) fell for it. It's awesome.
**Special notes: #1, it is served cold. Be aware of this and try to come up with ways to convince anyone who knows better to take a bite. #2, it is best to serve right away after putting in the "vegetables". Otherwise the green from the "peas" will bleed :-)

Items necessary:
1 package of refrigerator pie crust (will make 6 individual pies)
6 small foil pie tins
Few packages of starbursts (need orange and yellow)
Bag of colored tootsie rolls (need blue and green)
3 packages of vanilla instant pudding (the small box)
1 egg mixed with 2 T of water

Cut pie crust just barely larger than the pie tin.

Roll up a ball of foil and place inside pie pan

Cover with foil to form a round dome

Place pie crust on top of foil. Crinkle edges and poke holes. Brush tops with egg mixture.

Bake them at 425 for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet. Allow them to cool completely.
While they are baking and cooling, begin forming the "vegetables". Warm the yellow Starbursts and green Tootsie Roll candies in the microwave (10 seconds) and roll them into long worm-like shapes. For the corn, cut tiny pieces and pinch one end while holding the other end flat (to look like a kernel). For the peas, cut tiny pieces and roll into balls. For the carrots, cut a Starburst into fours (perfect square carrots!) and for the chicken, cut a blue (wrapper is blue, inside is white) Tootsie Roll in half to look like chunks of chicken.

Mix up the pudding and let set in fridge. Remove the pie crusts from the pie tins and set aside. Put pudding into each pie pan and place "vegetables" on top. Tap them down a bit with the back of a spoon and place pie crust back on top.

It looks like the real thing. Even if you know it's not, it still trips you out!

Too fun!!

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